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Why have professional board photos taken?

Just making the pictures is already a ton of fun. Besides some serious portraits, there's plenty of time for some horseplay as well. Feel free to bring along any weird accessories or ideas you like. You can bring complete Christmas outfits for your holiday cards, or bring function-specific objects (e.g. a typewriter for the secretary).
It's not my job to judge your weird ideas, just to make you look good while you're doing them, so go nuts!

Your board year is something quite unique. A year full of intense collaboration and experiences, together with your board members, often forging close friendships that last a lifetime. Having high-quality souvenirs of that time for the rest of your life is very valuable.

Professional representation
Proper portraits help your board's representation. From individual portraits for your LinkedIn page and profile photos to group portraits for your external communication: high-quality imagery helps attract success. 

Place yourself in the shoes of someone who is considering becoming your successor. What will appeal to them when they're doing their online research? Or think of potential sponsors: how do you want them to see you? 

Taking beautiful portraits shows people that you take yourselves seriously, while the fun photos show the world that you enjoy what you're doing. 
Standard package | €240 incl. VAT
- 2 hours of on-location photography <3 km of Enschede
- Individual portraits
- Group portraits
- Duo portraits

- Special portraits (e.g. Christmas, New Year's, Birthday etc.)
- Delivery through online album
Album package | €270 incl. VAT
- Standard package
- HD photo album | 20x20, linnen cover, up to 16 pages
- You can select photos yourself in the online album
- Including professional lay-out
I want board photos! What now?

Great! Please fill in the fields below, and I will get back to you ASAP. NB: Both Dutch and English messages are fine. 

Also, don't stress out if you haven't thought of a location yet.
I know a lot of photogenic places around Enschede. If we're going to be in business together, I will send you the password to a page with a list, including sample images and locations indicated on Google Maps.  

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you as soon as possible. :-)
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