I'm Jaap, or Jape for international purposes.​​​​​​​
I'm a freelance photographer based in Enschede with a love for people and portrait photography. 
Besides my photography, I am slowly but steadily finishing my master's in chemical engineering. Some time ago, while spending hours deriving the convolution integral of an over-dampening system, I realized something:
I really don't care enough about this stuff.​​​​​​​
photo by jonathan juursema
To me, practicing science feels like I'm hiding from the real world in an academic bubble. And it's a bubble that's not always very rich in empathy or positive reinforcement.
Meanwhile, I find myself caring much more about the people I work with and their personal stories than about the science they're doing. 
Hearing about their life philosophies, goals, and struggles is something I enjoy so much more than the untold stories of nanofiltration. 
Besides that, I really enjoy getting to know people outside of the bubble.
So when personal circumstances forced me to take a break from studying, I quickly bought my first "real" camera and used it as an excuse to meet all sorts of people. I decided to finally acknowledge my sensitive and creative side, and spend many waking hours developing it. ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​As an engineer, mastering the technical aspects was quick. Next up, I wanted lots of practical experience, which I found mainly in event and portrait photography. And in the past few years, my behind-the-screens focus has been mainly on artistic development. Hidden from the public eye, I spend hours and hours every week studying compositions, storytelling, colour science etc. to improve my own work.

Since then, my passion for photography has only increased, with an ever-growing love for wedding photography. It's where my love for people, romance, life questions and artistic photography come together!
My joy comes from making you look your best. Through my artistic lens, I try to show you how beautiful you look as a person, a couple, a family etc. Contrary to my scientific alter-ego, my photography is all about people, empathy, story-telling, positivity, intuition, and creativity. I get into a focused flow where I'm constantly looking for meaningful moments, photogenic angles and beautiful lighting.
PS. I'm the designated photographer for solidfocus.nl.
I often team up with them for hybrid coverage (photo & video). 
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